Hi, I’m Kim Staudenraus, founder, lead coach & success mentor at Tranquility Financial Visioning, LLC.

We specialize in Christian focused coaching, teaching and mentoring on:

Eliminating your debt

Managing your money

Increasing your income

Improving your relationships

Living a totally fulfilled life

Financial issues affect the two most important areas of your life. First, the personal understanding and accountability of how you handle money vs. how it handles you. Second, your choices, not just money choices but all life choices. Everything you choose to do effects others in your life, your spouse, kids, family member, job and everything in between.

We know you are already stretched not just financially but emotionally as well. We are here to provide you a new perspective on how to get out of your current situation of financial distress. Ideas on how to improve your relationships, all well learning how to manage your money better and get out of debt.

Did you know there are legitimate ways you can make additional income from your home with little to no investment? Whether you are un-employed, on disability, or need extra income we offer teachings and recommendations on this site that will help you through the process. I bet you never considered the possibility of becoming an entrepreneur or a “Free Agent.”That is just one of the strategies we will coach and mentor you through, as well as attitude changes and concepts of thinking out of the box.

We offer you options to manage your debt, deal with creditors, as well as improve your relationships and develop yourself toward success – you can do it and we can help.

If you are serious about learning how to make more money, get out of debt and improve your relationship with your spouse then:

All inquires are reviewed and answered by me personally or one of our professionally trained staff.

One thing I can guarantee, if you keep living life exactly the same today and tomorrow as you did yesterday your life will remain the same, or maybe get worse, but if you are ready to improve who you are, your life and the life of your family, if you are ready for total life success – sign up for for coaching today – that is your first step on the path toward success.