What our clients are saying:


~~ Wanted to give you an update, we are on budget every month and are making huge progress.  It challenges us personally and our relationship as well.  We are learning to talk to each other about money as well as other things.  We have made big big strides since our last session with you .  We are loving and respecting each other more than before.  Your ministry has been life-changing for us, and I thank you as I also thank God for you.   Thank you for all you did for us.   Denise & Russell, Sarasota, FL ~~


~~ We began paying tithe last month.  It was amazing, when we thought we didn’t have money for it, we found we ended up having enough to add $50 to our grocery budget.  We are doing a “minimal” Christmas.  The kids are going to get something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read, we are keeping it simple.  We had a plan in place before we hit the stores and it felt so good to know exactly what we were going to spend.  It feels so weird to know this is our last session with you.  All we can say is THANK YOU VERY MUCH!  It has been a huge help to have accountability, encouragement, and someone to seek wisdom from.  It’s been great that we now do the budget each month, use cash and our communication about money is so much better.  Thanks so much for helping us begin to “deal” with our financial mess!  Darcy & Terry, Orlando, FL ~~


~~Thank  you for spending the time with us.  We thought our situation was impossible but you showed us how we could get out of debt in just under two years.  Your sessions were helpful and encouraging.  Thank you for helping us.  Rick & Cathy, Winter Springs, FL~~


~~ We were headed for divorce.  As I told you during our first session I felt hopeless and was only doing this coaching thing because I wanted to try everything before ending a marriage.  Wow!  We came to you to look at our finances, we had no idea you would end up helping us save not only our house but our marriage as well.  You told us you were not a marriage counselor, but you sure are a marriage coach in addition to being a money coach.  This was the best investment we have ever made.  God bless you Kim and thank you for everything you have done for us, our marriage and our finances.  Reese & Mary, Macon, GA ~~


~~ Kim you are amazing, thank you for helping me with my finances and being my accountability partner working my budget each month but more thanks for helping me build my confidence when looking for a job.  I have been at my new job now for nine months and it is great.  I don’t know if I would be where I am today if I didn’t ask you about that 48-days book you had in your office which lead me into career coaching.  I came to you looking for help with money, you helped with the short term with budgeting and long term when I got the job.  Thanks!  William, Wildwood, FL ~~