Client Coaching Ageement

I/We, {client name} agree to make the changes necessary in my/our lives, which will help save my/our finances and secure my/our future as well as my/our relationships, and potentially change my/our family tree.

If I/we have trouble during this life-changing journey, I/we will not go back to our old spending habits. I/We will lean on our family and friends and the proven principles we will be taught by Tranquility Financial Visioning, LLC.

I/We understand that I/we are accountable for my/our actions with regard to all financial decisions, including spending, saving, investing, cash flow planning, debt etc. I/We will not hold any other person, group or organization responsible for my/our success or failure. I/We agree that from this day forward, we are taking control of our financial future.

I/We have read, understand and agree with the policy of Tranquility Financial Visioning, LLC as posted on