Coaching Policy

Coaching Fee

Coaching Fee is required prior to the start on any session or package. Please visit our Coaching Store to order.


All sales are final. Refunds will only be provided in the case when a coach is unable to meet a scheduled appointment without providing the client with at least one business day* notice to reschedule. Missed calls due to client unavailability is covered below and does not fall under a refund policy.

How we will meet

All sessions will be performed over the phone or via Skype.

The session length will last as agreed per the option you have chosen.  All times are based on Eastern time zone and exclude holidays.


We request that you make your scheduled coaching calls and your investment in coaching a priority. On the rare occasion when you need to reschedule, please let us know at least one business day in advance. We do understand that emergencies occur and will work with you in those cases. Lacking an emergency a last-minute cancellation or missed call will be forfeited or you may reschedule the last-minute cancellation by paying a $27.00 late cancellation/reschedule fee.

On the day and time of your scheduled call, we will call you at the agreed number promptly at our scheduled time, if there is no answer, we will make an attempt to contact you at the agreed number for ten (10) minutes, after that a message will be left and/or an email sent and the call will be forfeited or need rescheduled as noted above.

This portion of our policy is not designed to be heartless, but to stress the importance of your investment and to begin the mentoring process right from the beginning.  Good time management goes hand in hand with good money management.

Extra Time

Please e-mail us (per your package option) between calls if you cannot wait to share a success, need advise, support, have a challenge, or just want to check in. We enjoy hearing from you and will gladly respond within two (2) business days (excluding holidays and weekends)

Confidentiality and Privacy

It is important for the integrity and value of our coaching relationship that we are open and honest with each other.  In this light, what we discuss will remain confidential.

We will not voluntarily share your information, phone number or email address with anyone unless required legally by a local, state or federal government authority.

Success and Warranty

The principles we teach, coach and mentor are proven principles. Success of any client is solely dependent on the actions of the client. We do not guarantee any client will become debt free,  wealthy, get a job, success in life or financially independent by engaging in our services.  We can state that we have followed and are following the principles we teach and our success indicates the principles work if followed.

Since our services are information based, and the information provided is valuable as well as the time we dedicate to each client, all sales are final.  Please refer to the refund section above.