Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ever turn down a potential client?

Yes. Although we feel our services are for nearly everyone, we do occasionally turn down a client. Why? if that person or couple is really not committed, motivated or open enough to make changes, or expect us to assume responsibility for their finances, then they are not ready for our services.

Our goal is to teach, coach, mentor and encourage you on how to handle your money with proven money management principles as well as be accountable for your decisions.


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I’ve been fighting a lot with my spouse about money. Will this program help my marriage?

Absolutely. Many couples admit one of the most common areas of disagreements is money. It is also one of the leading causes of divorce in the USA.

If you could remove that blockage from your life and enter into unity in your marriage, how much more peace would that give you? It’s important to communicate about this area with one another and with your children. We can offer a starting point for couples to come into agreement about their finances.

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Why is it important that both spouses participate in this program?

Imagine this: You are running a three-legged race with your partner, working together, you are keeping up with the pack. All of a sudden your partner gives up and stops running. What chance do you think you have of winning?

Now, same race, but both of you work together in harmony with the same intensity to win, WOW! There is no limit to what you can do, or how fast. Isn’t it time to unite together and win the race?

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Will a I always agree with what a coach has to offer and am I required to follow the guidance?

There are times in coaching when a client may not see eye-to-eye with the responses or ideas offered. This does not point toward the response being inaccurate or stated with any malice, it simply indicates a difference of opinion. If this occurs, it presents an enormous opportunity to communicate the differences and opens up the prospect for new ideas and further discussion and new directions.

Throughout the entire process, the client has full control and responsibility over their destiny, implementing a coaches ideas and/or recommendations or taking offered advise into consideration is at the sole discretion of each client.

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Does coaching sessions allow us for any fun spending money or vacations?

A lot depends on where you are starting. For example, if your home is in foreclosure and we you have to choose between saving it or going on vacation, what do you think we will recommend?

In time, yes, spending money and just having fun is a very important part of each unique plan we recommend. Keep in mind, the plans we recommend are based on your goals and circumstances and you will ALWAYS have ultimate control over your money and how you spend it.

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Who decides how my/our money is spent?

Short answer- YOU DO or if you are married, both of you do.

We are here to teach, coach, mentor and encourage. At the end of the day, you have got to manage your money or the lack of money will always manage you.


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Couldn’t I just do this on my own and not hire a coach?


We teach, coach and mentor using the same proven principles that can be found in popular books such as The Total Money Makeover, and heard on syndicated radio shows.

If you are visiting us here today, then we can assume that how you are currently handling your money on your own is not working for your. That is why we are here, to provide a layer of accountability which is missing in your plan right now.

A coach encourages you to take action to get results. A coach can also inform you of different options based on your specific situation that you may have overlooked all while being a mentor who provides advisory counsel where needed to help you avoid potential pitfalls.

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How can I afford to pay you when I can’t pay my bills?

If you are visiting us here, then we can assume that how you are currently handling your money is not working for you.

We have found that many people find money to spend on something they want such as vacations, new electronics, etc.  Many of our clients have said that our fee more than pays for itself just in the savings that is found by developing a good cash flow plan.

Bottom line, how can you not afford to invest in yourself? Invest in a change for the better in your life, your habits and most importantly, the lives of those you love.

Start today, life in financial freedom in your near future.

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Do you work with my creditors to make payment arrangements?

No. Our focus is to teach you how to manage your money right down to how to deal directly with a creditor. If we step in and do the work for you, we would not be doing our job by preparing you in how to deal with all aspects of your financial situation.

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If I engage with TFV, will it be reported to the credit agencies?

No. We do not in any way communicate with credit agencies. We teach you how to deal with your creditors.


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Do you take our money and pay our bills for us?

Short answer is NO.

No one cares more about your money the way YOU DO. Our goal is to teach you how to handle your money rather than you becoming financially dependent on us to do it for you.

Be cautious – Those who do take your money to pay your bills, such as debt elimination/reduction agencies may harm your credit rating by making “deals” for you.

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How Fast Will You Respond To My Email?

We make every effort to response to our current and soon to be clients within one business day. Each email is personally replied to, these responses do take a dedicated amount of time and we committed to providing each client the same excellent level of service.

For those who would like a few questions answered without investing in our services, please visit our free Life and Finances blog, where we address numerous topics related to finances, careers and balancing life with it all.


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When Are Coaching Sessions Scheduled?

The majority of our clients work during the day. Therefore, to accommodate normal working schedules, we offer coaching sessions starting at 5pm Monday-Thursday.  Sessions are also available on Sunday’s after 12 noon.

All times are based on Eastern time zone and exclude US holidays.

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Are there any requirements for Coaching packages?

Yes. In order to engage in one of our coaching sessions, you must have access to and know basic usage of a spreadsheet package such as Microsoft Excel, have a working email account that you check regularly.

We also will be sending some documents in a .PDF format so a .PDF reader is required. Free options are available, just search online for PDF readers. We like Foxit reader.

Session are conducted via phone or Skype so a good clear phone line is required or being familiar with the use of Skype if you chose that option.  If married, it is required that both spouses are on the call together, so a speaker phone would be helpful.


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Why only phone and Skype coaching?

We found that offering office coaching was costly for our clients in several ways; from several hours of pay loss to take time off work for the appointment. Then there was the additional cost of child care during the session.  Also, due to our overhead of an office, our fees were higher to our clients.

Phone/Skype coaching helps our clients as most sessions are held after normal working hours. Also, without the overhead of an office space, we are able to pass our savings onto you, our client. After all, our services are all about saving money.

Phone/Skype coaching allows you, our client, to be in your familiar home environment, with your kids near you with out taking time off work or having to schedule a baby sitter. It also saves you travel time, we are all about making the coaching process as easy and cost effective for you as possible.


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Is there any other online resources offered by Tranquility Financial Visioning?

Yes. In addition to our coaching services, we also have a Life and Finances blog where we write about topics related to money, careers and how to balance life within those areas.

We have also started a Life and Finances YouTube channel, designed to provide quick tips on, you guessed it, Life and Finances.

Need some personal development ideas? Check out our Striving To Do Life Better blog, designed to offer positive support and ideas for your life and family.

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What if I have a quick question about a financial issue and don’t need a full coaching package?

We offer one-hour coaching sessions for just these situations. Please visit out Coaching Services page to sign up of these sessions.

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When Will You Return My Call?

Most calls are returned within one business day.

Please understand that our phone time is limited to those who have engaged in our services and it not designed as a free Q&A line.

We offer a one-hour phone or Skype consultation session for those who have just a few questions or are not sure if they need to engage in a full coaching package.

Please visit out Coaching Services page for more coaching options.


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